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Assured business continuity

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Data centres key to reducing risk and boosting efficiency, and performance

Are you ever worried about the impact of a power outage or the air conditioning in the control room failing? What about a water leak going undetected, unauthorised staff accessing equipment? In a digital world, any of these scenarios could wreak havoc for hours, days and even weeks with the added blow of lost revenue and productivity and a decent hit to your reputation and ability to service customers.

When it comes to your own digital assets, consider whether a dust-filled cupboard or old storeroom is the best home for your equipment.

Talk to us about safeguarding your business
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Certainty in an uncertain world

With YourDC, your digital assets are safeguarded. You’ll never have to worry about losing access. Our market-leading capability includes…

  • The state’s highest rated data centre facilities – Tier 3
  • Transparent power consumption and security access
  • Fully redundant power supply
  • Superior, vendor neutral connectivity
  • Engineering, technical and operational excellence
  • Risk analysis, project planning and project management
  • Private, fully customisable spaces

When organisations are focused more than ever before on business continuity, our commitment to your operations will help you maximise your performance — now and in the future.

We help South Australian orgnisations of all sizes from all industries transform their digital infrastructure.

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