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Our Customers

We’re inspired by our customers

YourDC is driven by achieving excellence and delivering delight for every customer — no matter how large or small.

We work tirelessly to transform performance and reduce risk for South Australian organisations of all sizes within all sectors.

We’ve helped a wide range of businesses and government agencies across the state to achieve secure, efficient, compliant and cost-effective solutions.

Find out about how we’ve supported them, and what they say about YourDC.

SAGE Group

Move to new headquarters spurs digital transformation for the SAGE Group

Delivering continuity, cutting risk, maximising performance, optimising service

Specialising in industrial automation, control solutions and industry-focused skills training, the SAGE Group relies on its digital infrastructure to support its diverse operations across Australia.

When the business embarked on a new stage of transformation and growth, the Group identified a strategic opportunity to mitigate risk and ensure future capacity expansion by outsourcing SAGE’s IT infrastructure to YourDC.

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Flinders University

Delivering a flexible, scalable IT platform to reduce risk and improve performance

Robust, reliable infrastructure key to success in times of change

After suffering multiple disruptions to its network linked to its ageing IT infrastructure, Flinders University sought help from YourDC to transform its digital set-up — both to reduce risk, and also to deliver the highest levels of performance, stability and reliability across its IT platform.

Outsourcing the University’s IT infrastructure to YourDC enabled Flinders’ IT team to refocus their attention on higher value, priority projects. YourDC’s contribution earned the trust of the university by delivering critical IT and support services during times of uncertainty and rapid change within the academic sector.

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Drakes Supermarkets

A fresh take on infrastructure delivers results for Drakes

Building a future proofed ICT solution for Australia's largest independent supermarket operator

As South Australia’s foremost supermarket operator, Drakes Supermarkets decided to think differently when it sought to further enrich its leading retail experience.

Its strategy — to transform its end-to-end operations by establishing its distribution and logistics functions in house — meant doubling the business’s warehousing and IT requirements.

It was this decision that prompted the company to partner with YourDC to take the retailer’s ICT capability to a new level.

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St John's Grammar

Flexible, scalable solution transforms connectivity and infrastructure for St John’s Grammar

An ageing digital infrastructure, and unreliable power and campuses located within a high-risk bushfire area meant St John's Grammar was on a knife's edge ensuring its IT was secure and accessible.

Connectivity and bandwidth challenges restricted the school’s ability to deliver its high-quality curriculum and left it vulnerable to significant disruption from cyber attacks.

By working with YourDC and other partners, St John’s has been able to transform its connectivity, security, performance, data storage and infrastructure.

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SunPork Group

Deploying a reliable, flexible and future-ready data solution for SunPork Group

Reducing risk and boosting peace of mind for a growing, global business.

With operations increasing and an office relocation on the horizon, SunPork Group’s IT team identified significant risks in operating its core IT Server infrastructure hardware onsite.

The SunPork Group, which creates and stores data from over 53 locations across Australia and New Zealand, recognised the importance of fast, reliable, and uninterrupted access to business information.

By relocating server and data storage hardware to YourDC, SunPork now benefits from ongoing peace of mind and a reliable, flexible platform to support future growth.

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Pedare Christian College

Reshaping the ICT environment for an Adelaide R-12 co-educational school

With ICT playing an increasingly pivotal role in educating students, Pedare Christian College took innovative steps to optimise learning outcomes.

Its strategy to control hardware costs and use existing learning resources by allowing students to use their own devices at school meant solving challenges around connectivity, security, performance, data storage and infrastructure.

By partnering with YourDC, the school has achieved its ambition — sustainably and cost-effectively.

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Infrastructure relocation and refresh delivers performance and peace of mind

A move to YourDC provided Sonder a secure, stable environment and peace of mind. Plus, they were instantly able to increase their bandwidth without any hefty fibre build costs.

Eliminating the need to maintain ageing infrastructure and unreliable environmental controls onsite means IT staff are free to focus on business priorities.

Owen, IT Service Technician from Sonder says, “I like to think of YourDC as a partner rather than just another supplier. They genuinely committed to providing great service and work with us to achieve a common goal. All YourDC staff have been really friendly, helpful and approachable. Callan even bought us doughnuts to fuel our team up for the move!”

Now at home within state’s largest digital ecosystem, Sonder already have plans to connect directly with key partners to extend their IT capabilities and further improve performance.

Cowell Clarke

Ensuring continuity in a world where the CBD's power supply isn't bullet proof

Like many professional businesses in Adelaide’s CBD, Cowell Clarke Commercial Lawyers historically maintained its data management facilities in house, thinking that this would be a cost-effective, low-risk solution to its needs.

This assumption was questioned through a series of outages which challenged Cowell Clarke’s confidence that their city centre location meant they would be immune to problems in the CBD.

It was a realisation that prompted the firm to secure a more sustainable data hosting solution through YourDC.

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Already trusted as the State’s highest rated Data Centre provider, YourDC delivers internet differently.

Committed to digital transformation, we invest heavily in our network and infrastructure to deliver future-proof solutions to power business in South Australia.

Boasting more than 3 years with 100% uptime, our customers continue to build business with confidence.

“Yalumba have been users of YourDC Internet Services for many years, which has provided high reliability and performance for our primary internet feed. The YourDC team handled the initial service changeover exceptionally well, and their technical knowledge is impressive. The reliability and throughput of the service exceeded our expectations, and the staff are fantastic to deal with though interaction is rarely required.”

Andrew Schilling, IS Infrastructure and Risk Manager, Yalumba

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