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YourDC ranks top for customer loyalty

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Ever since we started YourDC, we’ve focused on achieving excellence for every customer. We’ve built our business helping others succeed and consistently deliver quality services and support at every opportunity.

Our customer-first mindset is reflected strongly in the feedback we receive from our customers. One metric we utilise and value as a health check is the world-leading measure of customer loyalty – the Net Promoter Score. In 2020 we maintained our top quartile position, achieving an NPS score of 80, well above the industry average of 64.

We’re grateful our business model and service offering enables us to deliver real value to new and existing customers in times of rapid change and uncertainty.

Nps 80

YourDC values the thoughts and opinions of our customers, prioritising our annual survey to gauge customer sentiment and loyalty. We've consistently achieved an NPS score of 80+ which puts us in the top 25% businesses globally (across all industries) when it comes to customer loyalty. We're proud of our reputation for quality services and premium customer service and commit to upholding our position long term.

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