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Customer satisfaction soars at YourDC

YourDC recorded a 4-point gain to our Net Promotor Score (NPS), the gold standard metric used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. YourDC’s score of +84 is outstanding, particularly in the technology industry, where a score of +39 is considered high.

NPS 84

“The more we can build and service a loyal customer base, the more value we can add to South Australia’s IT capabilities.”

Scott Hicks, CEO at YourDC

YourDC values the thoughts and opinions of our customers, prioritising the annual survey to gauge customer sentiment and loyalty. We have consistently achieved an NPS score of 80+, putting YourDC in the top 25% of businesses globally (across all industries) for customer loyalty.

“We’ve always had an unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations,” says Scott, CEO of YourDC.

We’re ramped up our support team over the last 12 months in response to the spike in demand for hands-on services. When travel and site visits are difficult or not possible, IT teams increasingly defer work to onsite data centre technicians to keep projects moving. The consistently high NPS (+80) reflects YourDC’s positive reputation as Adelaide’s leading data centre provider and trusted advisor regarding mission-critical IT infrastructure and support.

It's great to see that our customer service focus is reflected in the feedback and that we continue to grow the business through positive word-of-mouth.

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What our customers say...

  • The facility is secure and reliable and the service is excellent and hassle-free.
  • Excellent service and responsiveness. Flexibility to suit customer needs.
  • Friendly and helpful staff. Clean equipment rooms.
  • Excellent service and response times. Thoroughly professional.
  • Easy to work with; good compliance regime compared to other providers
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