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Relocating people, offices spaces and IT infrastructure

As we embark on a new year, businesses continue to evaluate their commercial leasing requirements. Many look to reduce their office footprint as they continue to embrace flexible working arrangements. Relocating or reconfiguring existing locations is the ideal time to revaluate your ICT strategy.

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While 2020 brought significant challenges to our personal and professional worlds, many organisations embraced opportunities to evolve and improve the way they operate. Employees working from home, reliance on online communications, remote customer service are all examples of adapting to survive.

As we settle into a "new normal" state, now is the time to take a breath and reevaluate. Looking to the future with calculated and strategic mindset will put you in the driver's seat for success. More specifically, ICT leaders squarely focus on business digitalisation and how to manage the pressure to "keep up" in a rapidly evolving world.

Data centres are widely recognised as resilient, secure facilities protecting against natural disasters, disruptions and outages to power, connectivity, and cooling and unauthorised access to mission-critical equipment. In today's unpredictable economy, forward-thinking business leaders are looking beyond risk mitigation - a presence in a Data Centre serves as a robust, highly connected foundation to support a dynamic ICT future.

Disconnecting office real estate from IT infrastructure can deliver significant performance improvements and value back into business operations including;

  • reduced office leasing costs by minimising ICT floor space requirements
  • an overall reduction in power and cooling gained from economies of scale and efficient, fit for purpose DC design
  • agility to seamlessly mobilise a remote workforce
  • premium physical security and tight access controls
  • financial flexibility to redirect valuable Capex to other priority areas
  • increased productivity from high value IT team members
  • access to an expansive ecosystem of global providers to connect and collaborate for growth

If you have a changing office environment or are relocating, migrating your equipment into a Data Centre can provide a permanent home that is secure, well connected and highly efficient to serve you now, and in the future.

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