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Cyber security resilience – how secure is your business?

Every day, YourDC works to reduce risk for our customers by strengthening our defences against physical and cyber security breaches. Whether predictable or unpredictable, disaster prevention is always better than a cure. Together with cloud computing services, housing your business critical infrastructure in the States most secure facility can be your first and best line of defence.


As Cloud solutions rapidly become a focus as businesses adjust to a new state of normal, consideration must be given to the bigger picture. What good is the Cloud if businesses loses connectivity or there's a problem accessing onsite infrastructure?

is the only provider in the State with two geographically diverse sites offering advanced security and redundancy. Both facilities are best in the State plus our highly skilled architects and engineers are local and always here for you when you need.

To immediately bolster your businesses cyber security capability, here’s some key areas to consider

  • Software Activate auto-updates for operating systems and software applications.
  • Back up Do it often and keep back ups away from your main production environment.
  • Access Controls Consider both electronic and physical access to your IT systems, software and infrastructure. Cyber security software becomes irrelevant if your IT infrastructure can be accessed by anyone in your building.
  • People and procedures Make sure your entire team is cyber security aware through regular training and robust policies and procedures.
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