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Data centres present an opportunity to accelerate towards a more energy-efficient economy

While it may sound counter-intuitive, data centres offer a more environmentally friendly and financially efficient solution than running digital infrastructure onsite.

Regardless of location, IT equipment requires electricity and cooling - and a lot of it! So here we provide the answers addressing how YourDC is the smart choice to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Data Center Environmental Impact

Data Centres vs Onsite - Efficiencies explained

There are several ways data centres deliver savings and efficiencies.

  • Cost savings YourDC has more considerable bargaining power and accesses lower electricity tariffs which are passed through directly to our customers. We make no margin on power consumption.
  • Economies of scale The combined electricity requirements of many organisations digital infrastructure can be better managed together in a data centre facility by reducing the overall cooling requirement through economies of scale.
  • Facility design Our data centres are purpose-built to run lots of equipment. From the insulation and flooring through to rack design and layout, we maximise every opportunity to efficiently run our customers equipment far better than any onsite solution in a server room or office building.
  • Renewable energy We harness the power of the sun to generate a significant amount of our energy through high-quality solar systems located on our expansive roof spaces.
  • Smart technology YourDC data centres run using innovative technology, enabling us to operate an on-demand environment. By constantly monitoring the data centre environment, our power and cooling adjust to maintain consistent power and temperatures and eliminates wastage

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