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An unseen force protecting Adelaide's digital assets

Unmarked, low profile buildings and a team of experienced IT professionals are the driving force behind the State's largest digital infrastructure partner, YourDC.

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As Adelaide continues to celebrate its liveability, Scott Hicks, Co-Founder and CEO of YourDC, extends South Australia's golden ticket advantage to the business world. Widely recognised as a thriving hub for business, education and defence, organisations like Flinders University increasingly seek partners like YourDC to help keep their digital assets safe and connected.

"Our State has a lot to offer - our facilities, talent and geographical location make Adelaide an attractive place to do business," says Scott.

Celebrating six years in business, YourDC maintains steady and healthy growth of 50% year – an indicator for the heightened appetite for low risk, highly secure ICT facilities that continue to grow due to the ongoing digital boom and COVID related impacts.

YourDC is among many IT businesses extending capacity and capabilities to keep up with demand, regularly investing in facility upgrades with a significant expansion on the horizon later in the year.

Securing the State's most critical IT infrastructure is all in a day's work for Scott and the YourDC team. "As we huddled around a home office desk hatching our plan to build world-class data centres, our mission was clear and is still relevant today - YourDC exists to enable digital transformation."

Today data centres providers offer much more than reliable security, power and cooling; YourDC delivers advice, connectivity and the opportunity to partner with hundreds of internet, cloud and IT providers only possible within YourDC's unique digital ecosystem.

"Offering the ultimate balance of connectivity, security and flexibility, our internationally certified facilities protect organisations from the unthinkable and deliver complete peace of mind," says Mr Hicks.

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