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Enabling South Australian government agencies to deliver more for less

Government agencies across South Australia are increasingly challenged to deliver more services more efficiently and securely — and frequently at a lower cost.

Public organisation IT leadership teams need to optimise IT infrastructures to help deliver an ever richer mix of services to citizens reliably and resiliently.

Partner with YourDC to optimise your digital capability.

Our core solutions at a glance

  • 100% Uptime

    Assured business continuity
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  • Digital Ecosystem

    South Australia’s leading and most connected provider
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  • Cloud Solutions

    Flexible, scalable and cost effective
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  • World class Connectivity

    Built in and for South Australia
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Trusted by the government

Our data centres form a key part of the South Australian government’s StateNet private fibre network — underlining our credentials to safeguard highly sensitive digital assets and connectivity.

Creating and sustaining solutions

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YourDC is ideally placed to help you deliver your IT infrastructure strategy. Our experienced team of Adelaide-based experts will work with you to consider the next stages in the development of your digital strategy and discuss how to evolve it for our community’s future requirements.

Your needs come first

YourDC solutions are shaped around your specific needs, and are built within our digital ecosystem that blends best-of-breed technologies from leading suppliers.

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A place where people, places, clouds and carriers connect

With YourDC, you’ll find and have direct access to South Australia’s most expansive digital ecosystem where organisations come together to pursue new opportunities that can accelerate their future development.

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  • Industry Leading Security
  • Always Onsite Guards
  • Discreet, Unbranded Buildings
  • Biometric Customer Access Control
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • N+1 Redundancy on all Systems
  • Leading Power Efficiency
  • Leading Environmental Features
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