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Connectivity without compromise

All organisations rely on world class connectivity to drive their mission-critical goals.

If your performance depends on connectivity without compromise, talk to us about data centre connectivity solutions available to you.

A powerful proposition

Offering maximum choice and flexibility, our data centre connectivity network is scalable up to 10G and beyond with more than 50 of South Australia’s carriers. This opens up to 10G and beyond with more than 50 of South Australia’s carriers. This opens up a world of possibilities to access ultra-fast, reliable connectivity no matter where you are.

What’s more, because we have multiple upstream providers, YourDC is leading the market for cloud hosting Australia, delivering data centre connectivity solutions you can rely on.

Control your connectivity, control your costs

Move to YourDC, and you’ll be able to transform your connectivity and sidestep significant set-up and fix costs. We offer data centre solutions to ensure optimal connectivity at an optimal cost.

We also deliver full flexibility on cost modelling too. Whether you’re seeking to structure service or hardware costs within CapEx or OPEX, we’re happy to help.

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It's all about choice

Choose YourDC and you’ll secure instant access with minimal latency to the backbone of the internet – and benefit from the fastest possible route to your provider of choice.

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Fastest route to the cloud in South Australia

As more organisations engage with and integrate cloud-based software and platforms, demand for priority access increases.

YourDC puts you at the front of the digital queue where you’ll get high performance and priority access. Our data centre solutions mean you won’t suffer delays or congestion to services including MYOB, Salesforce, Xero and many more.

Premium Performance
Flexibility built-in
No standing charges
Burstability without penalty
No set up fees
Only pay for what you use

Maximum performance, ultimate flexibility

For a fully flexible data centre connectivity solution where you’re in control, ask us about on-demand, scalable access to rapid internet transit with express routes to public cloud platforms. With no lock in contracts, you’ll only pay for what you use when you need it.

World-class performance on your doorstep

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Our data centre connectivity capacity is second to none; it’s built in South Australia for South Australia. That means your operation will avoid latency challenges and additional IT infrastructure costs. And, because we’re local to you, we’re far more accessible and accountable. It’s a set-up of data centre solutions that puts you in control.

Advanced IT architecture

Created by highly skilled network engineers, our data centres have advanced connectivity architecture that unlike any other in South Australia. Housing all the ISPs in one place, you’ll have direct, secure access to your providers of choice.

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Your connection is safer with YourDC
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