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Realise your cloud vision

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

When you want to create an optimised cloud-based solution to achieve your future goals, YourDC is here to help.

Partner with us, South Australia’s most connected platform, to unlock your cloud services. Now’s the time to imagine, build and execute your cloud computing ecosystem. We will build your public and private cloud storage solutions to elevate your interconnectivity.

Whatever the scale and complexity of your requirements, and however you want to integrate public, private and multi, or hybrid cloud management, our cloud hosting solutions in Australia will help you get the most from your cloud solution – securely and reliably.

Resilience, capability, flexibility

We take the time to understand your needs, then work with you to co-create a flexible, scalable solution that’s right for you. Our fully featured collocated facilities have been built with resilience and capability in mind to deliver the state’s fastest response times and cost-effective connectivity.

Customer-focused expertise

Our cloud infrastructure solutions are underpinned by our customer-focused expertise and our extensive mix of partner offerings. Bring your brief to us and you’ll benefit from efficient, effective, and exacting performance that’s been created precisely for you.

Your solution — your choice

Your DC’s cloud solutions are flexible and scalable as your aspirations change. With us you’ll reduce access costs with direct, on-demand, burstable access.

Optimal Performance
Fast, Direct Access
Lower Access Costs

Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s digital strategy when you collocate your infrastructure and cloud access with YourDC. We will assist you in creating a solution that fits you, dependent on your requirements a flexible hybrid cloud solution may be the strategy that suits you.

Supporting a cloud-first strategy

A robust, cloud-first strategy goes hand in hand with rock-solid connectivity.

Connecting directly to Cloud solutions will enable you to better manage data running between your solutions. It will also achieve increased data transfer speed, decreased latency and deliver redundancy, resilience, and consistent user experience.

Benefits of connecting to a Cloud computing ecosystem through YourDC

  • Scale with ease
  • Greater control
  • Secure to minimise risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Reliable performance
  • Increased agility

Optimising your Cloud future

Whether you’re starting your journey into Cloud or already operating with a highly integrated cloud-based strategy, YourDC is the gateway to optimal performance and opportunity.

With us, it’s easy to shop around and mix and match providers and platforms to create a solution that works for you now, and in the future.

Our cloud computing services allow you to gain direct access to public, private, multi and hybrid cloud solutions for secure and cost-effective connectivity.

Public Cloud Services

Elevate your public digital strategy with secure, priority access to a global network of public cloud providers.

As South Australia’s premier cloud gateway, YourDC offers flexibility beyond your infrastructure so you can stay competitive in your market.

Benefits of accessing public cloud services via YourDC

  • Fast and reliable priority access
  • Greater flexibility with no lock in contracts
  • Reduced risk, secure connectivity
  • Interconnect your infrastructure and scale with ease
  • Increase productivity with no delays and minimal latency

Megaport, the advanced interconnectivity platform of choice

Choosing to connect with YourDC via Megaport enables your digital business to scale with ease.

Private Cloud Services

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Organisations are increasingly looking to private cloud solutions to build capacity, agility, and ICT capabilities.

Building your private cloud storage within YourDC instantly opens pathways to South Australia’s largest data centre ecosystem. It also primes you to add new services and technologies quickly and easily.

The right private cloud solution will…

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Deliver operational savings
  • Increase application performance
  • Improve disaster recovery
  • Simplify and unify management
  • Improve data security
We’ll guide you through Our highly experienced architects can help you choose from global leaders to deliver a hyperconverged private cloud platform solution that works for you. Learn More Your DC Ed Park 7

Private cloud — the key benefits

  • Instant scalability
  • Cost-efficient access compared to public cloud
  • Platform efficiencies cut total ownership costs
  • Manage access costs
  • Minimal latency
  • Data sovereignty

Our private cloud services are perfect for organisations looking for highly customisable configurations or where unique connectivity and the need for flexible, adaptable billing is required.

When security matters

Private cloud solutions provide fast, secure and reliable connectivity for transmitting both latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth data traffic.

Because private cloud data doesn’t traverse the internet, it isn’t subject to the unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times and data exposure risks inherent in public networks. It also reduces the risk of data flows being intercepted, monitored or modified.

Data sovereignty adheres to privacy regulations and prevents unwanted access from foreign powers.

With YourDC, your organisation’s private data is kept onshore under Australian jurisdiction.

Multi Cloud Services

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Operating a multi-cloud strategy provides flexibility, increased capacity and scalability. The key to success lies in how your organisation coordinates and communicates efficiently across your portfolio.

Whether you’re already working with different providers or looking to diversify your cloud architecture, our multi-cloud solutions offers…

  • Greater choice
  • High performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Single point connectivity for multiple cloud-based solutions
  • Work management across leading providers and platforms
  • Deploy and optimise multi-cloud strategies
  • Achieve greater security, privacy and control
  • Drive ongoing cost savings from on-demand connectivity

Implement your multi cloud strategy with YourDC for...

  • Instant scalability
  • Minimal latency
  • Platform efficiencies to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Data sovereignty
  • Manage access costs

Hybrid Cloud Services

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A hybrid cloud management strategy offers the ultimate mix of choice, flexibility and performance. You’re easily able to augment what you already have, or you can completely refresh and deploy new hybrid cloud computing services.

Where a physical infrastructure continues to play a key role, organisations can adopt a hybrid strategy for an integrated approach.

YourDC’s hybrid cloud storage ecosystem approach delivers the world’s leading cloud, carriers and service providers to your doorstep so you can seamlessly connect your preferred public and private providers within your private IT infrastructure.

A hybrid cloud solutions approach offers

  • Optimal performance
  • Greater flexibility and reliability
  • Unparalleled privacy and control

With direct access to the state’s largest digital ecosystem, you’ll have freedom of choice, avoid delays and gain access to unlimited services. The result is consistent, optimum performance, alongside controlled access costs.

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