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Cloud and Data Centres working together

The importance of Data Centres in a Cloud based world

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Cloud has forever changed the way we work. Every day we benefit from the convenience and efficiencies Cloud-based solutions offer. But have you ever stopped to consider where the cloud is and how you get there?

Despite the name conjuring images of endless skies of information and platforms, behind every IT Cloud is a data centre providing the power, cooling and infrastructure required to operate the servers, storage and networking equipment running the cloud service.

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Hybrid Cloud solution enables any time, anywhere learning “YourDC’s support, alongside our shift to cloud-based solutions, means we have more time to focus on delivering value. Rather than maintaining infrastructure, we now work closely with teachers and students to streamline learning and education experiences.”

Peter Cheel
IT Manager, Pedare Christian College
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Reliable Cloud Access

Think of your equipment like a car, connectivity as a road, and the cloud as your final destination.

It's impossible to enjoy the benefits of your destination if you can't get there. A data centre provides reliable and efficient access to the digital solutions your organisation needs to operate.

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